LCN - Dynamic text - how to use variable text?

Hi smart homers,

I am running hassio now for a while and have my LCN hardware (and certainly others) integrated and working generally well (thanks to this forum and the good documentation) :slight_smile:

However, one thing I do not get resolved - it might be easy or impossible: the LCN integration offers a service to send dynamic text to LCN displays (see LCN - Home Assistant). It does work, the display shows the text I send.

What I really want is to send a dynamic text i.e., a string that was generated from some hassio variables / states including ever changing values (e.g. temperatur, sensor status, … in my case: the net energy flow.

I create a template sensor like this:

  - sensor:
    - name: "LCN GT10 Stromverbrauch - helper"
      state: >
        {% set Text = "Stromverbrauch (netto): " + states('sensor.tasmota_haus_power')|int|string + " kW" %}
        {{ Text }}

this sensor works fine - I see the string updating in Developer Tools / State.

I use the follow to send this to LCN:

service: lcn.dyn_text
  address: LCN.0.81
  row: 3
  text: states('LCN GT10 Stromverbrauch - helper')

The display shows “states(’…” - so purely whatever comes after the “text:”

→ How do I code that the value of this sensor is sent?

Thanks everyone - sorry, if this is a stupid question. But I am struggeling here…

I found the solution - sharing for others who may run into the same question…

service: lcn.dyn_text
  address: LCN.0.81
  row: 3
  text: "{{states('sensor.lcn_gt10_stromverbrauch_helper') }}"
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