LCN | Losing Entity-Changes after Reboot (Icon, Area...)

Dear Commuity,

I installed the LCN-integration and everything works very fine. With one exception:

Using entity-dialog I changed the Icon and seted the Area of an LCN-entity.
I saved it and the entity-overwiew (listview) showed every change.
After rebooting the system, all changes are gone.

I tested changing an LCN-icon/area and a Synology-icon/area simultaneously.
After rebooting, the Synology-icon/area are present, the LCN-icon/area are gone.

In both cases, via LCN-entity-dialogue created new areas are still present.
Only the linkage to the LCN-entity is gone.

Any idea about this? Would be very thankful for any advice of you :slight_smile:

=> Raspberry Pi with SSD (no SD-Card)
=> Installed this way: Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant

Regards from germany


For all of you searching the same information:

I contacted Andre, the author of LCN-integration. The loss of icon/area is a known issue. He addressed it to a core-developer and hopefully it will be fixed in 2022.06.

Best regards