LCN RFID serial readout

I have been using the LCN integration with success so far. but now I am stuck. I have built an RFID sensor at my door with LCN - UT which sends the serial of each read RFID tag on the LCN bus.
My question now: How do I get those messages into home assistant? I want to use them as triggers for automations. Has anyone done this before?



Hi Mike,

native transponder and fingerprint support is not implemented yet.
You could think about workarounds like switching (virtual) relays when certain transponder codes are detected and check for their status changes in HomeAssistant. Not a satisfactory solution but it might work?

However, I think it shouldn‘t be that difficult to implement native support so I put it at the top of my backlog. Unfortunately PRs for HomeAssistant take some time at the moment…


Hi Andre

Thanks for your answer. Your idea is a good workaround for some use cases - unfortunately not for mine :wink: I built the reader antenna at foot level and am currently working on fitting all shoes in our household with a cheap RFID tag. My wife often leaves the house without a key - but usually never without shoes. Unfortunately LCN has a limit of 16 codes/serial numbers that can be used to trigger actions and for any tags more than that they rely on their own visualization software. Hence the need for using the transponder code as a trigger in home assistant.
Is there anything I can do to support your work? I do have a background in IT and can cope with Python, although it is not my first language. But I could certainly beta test or help if directed how.
From what I have read something like that seems to be implemented in OpenHAB, but I have not searched for the code yet - maybe it helps?
Anyways - thanks a lot for prioritizing! If there is something I can do to help, let me know.


Hi @mbitcon, that‘s a really cool idea! :sunglasses:
Also thanks for offering help. What you could do is to open an issue and request the native transponder support as a new feature:
You would also get notified once the feature is fully merged.

Meanwhile I started implementing the native transponder support which basically works quite well. I will come back to you as soon as I have something to test.

Hi @alengwenus

Yeah when I show that feature to new people I always get that look of sheer disbelief - and then they find it rather cool… For us it solves a real problem.

Meanwhile I started implementing the native transponder support which basically works quite well.
Wow that is unexpectedly fast.

The GitHub pages states to open feature requests on this forum, now I am back full circle. Or should I open an issue and state that native transponder support does not work (Which also is kinda true as things that are not implemented don’t work.)?