LD2410B, more than one connected to HA?

I have connected two LD2410B to one powersupply and have a ESP32 as the receiver with bluetooth proxy.
I can connect one of them, but not both.
As soon as I connect the second then the “first” is disconnected.
If I then connect the first, then the second disconnect.

Has anyone managed to get more than one connected?

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Good point…

I have two sensors installed, I’ve tested both close to HA and both worked fine, but I’ve never tried both sensors at the same time.
I’ve moved one of those sensors to another room and that is not working, then I thought it was related to the Bluetooth range, but I’ve tried changing my Bluetooth dongle and even reported a bug about that sensor not using the proxy, but maybe the problem is.nit on the lack of signal, but some limitation on using multiple sensors…

Anyway, have you tried both sensors close to HA? It’s hard to believe it is limited to a single sensor and no one else have reported this before.

I still put my coins on the Bluetooth range, but will try to move that sensor closer to test both connecting at the same time.

Since they are both at the exact same place I find it hard to believe it’s range.
They both work, but just not at the same time.

I can’t get them closer to my server but the ESP is about 1 m from them, and they both work if I move the ESP 3 m away

I’ve tried and could successfully connect two sensors at the same time. So, in my case, it was the range, and I can confirm you can have 2 sensors connected (and working).

Maybe is a limitation on the Bluetooth proxy…