LD2410C vs 2410B vs LD2410S vs 2411 vs HLK-LD2420 vs LD2450

Has anyone done a detailed comparison of all these radar modules by hilink?
I have 2410B, 2410C and 2420, I found 2420 easier to work with, and it was recommended by the sensor guru @Blakadder.
2410B and 2410C use the same code and have many configuration options. but are taxing on the esp32 boards, use either ESP32S2, ESp32S3 or ESP32C3 boards with these sensors.
On the other hand, 2420 was easier to program with, I am even using an SSD1322 256x64 3.12in OLED display, Bh1750 (I2C bus) on the same esp32 as my LD2420 sensor.

I don’t have LD2450 on hand but whenever I get my hand on one I will amend this post.

5V sensors are 2410B, 2410C, 2411S

3V sensors are 2410S, 2420

Here is a spreadsheet I created comparing these all from Hi-link website, errors and omissions are possible, please suggest any changes.

@screek-workshop you guys did a lot of work on this, can you highlight some of the features of all the sensors?


Hi! This is a great post, especially with more and more options coming out in the radar world. Great idea making a sheet to compare.

We just designed and produced a mmWave sensor for Home Assistant a couple months ago: https://shop.apolloautomation.cloud/products/multisensor-mk1

What we looked at for radar modules were the ld2410B, ld2410C, and ld2450. Here is the pros/cons of them compared to each other that we looked at:


  • Small slender footprint. Also uses a smaller 2mm header connector allowing thinner designs.
  • Great distance and still detection. No problems with detecting you sitting still
  • Fully supported in ESPHome allowing you to make sensors very easily. They have the full configuration which lets you change sensitivity in the different distance gates straight from HA
    * LD2410 Sensor — ESPHome
    * How To Tune mmWave Rad... | Apollo Wiki
  • Has built in Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to the HLK Radar tool app and upload firmware


  • While it does do distance measurements, it does not do position. Meaning you know someone is detected and how far they are, but don’t know if they are on the left or right of the room.
  • Can only detect 1 target at a time. It typically switches between which target has the most energy.


  • Nice compact footprint, not as long as the ld2410b but wider. It is a standard 2.54mm pins though meaning it can be harder to make a smaller device.
  • Good distance/still detection


  • Same as ld2410b


  • Can do position sensing. Meaning you know not only the distance to the target but also where at in the room.
  • Can do multi target detection


  • Not officially supported in ESPHome yet but should be coming soon. So right now you can’t tweak all the parameters from HA.
  • Worse still detection. It has a harder time detecting you not moving much. This was a major downside in our opinion because the big benefit of mmWave over radar is solving the problem of still detection
  • You need to use the antenna plugged into the module if you want bluetooth functionality
  • Quite a bit larger than both ld2410b and ld2410c

All of this led us to using the ld2410b in our initial product. It wins all around unless you really require position reading and can’t get by with just distance. We have not tested the other radars in your list though.

Happy to help share any other information if you have questions!

Also Make It Work created a video comparing the different products on the market that use mmWave. He calls out what module each sensor uses and there are some great charts comparing the results of distance accuracy from the modules.



Mine 2410C does have bluetooth, used it to reset if esphome is upgraded with sensor connected, and presence is stuck at detected.

hi-link has also made one with both PIR and radar.


Oh you are right! Sorry I’ll update it.


ld2450 ? or did you mean ld2420 ?

so long

LD2420 has a sensing range of 8m and yes it works at that range check the Google sheet.
also, it has the lightest component for the esphome, using it with a 3.12 OLED display and a few other sensors on the same node, without running out of ram or flash on esp32.

and official website


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Can you elaborate on this statement? I have ESP32 WROOM boards and was hoping to use the 2410B sensor. Thanks!