LE LampUX bulbs, white LED control

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Hi all, I was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit.

I bought some of these bulbs the other day,

I’ve been reading around and figured out to connect them to Tuya. I got that part working and I pulled them into HA. Next I found some posts about using “SUPPORTED_FEATURES”, so I played with that.
The issue is that I guess these are RGBW bulbs where the white is separate from the RGB. HA has no problem controlling RGB but I cannot switch the white LEDs back on in HA, only the Tuya app. I tried an automation sending “white_value”.

I’m about to give up TBH and figured I would ask here. Is there anything else I could do? It’s interesting, the Tuya app tells me the firmware is up to date at 3.3.31 so I guess this is actually a Tuya bulb?

Any help would be great, thank you