Learning Home Assistant from Scratch

I am as new to the Home Assistant world as new can be…
I was wondering if there are any online courses that you could recommend to give me a solid base to grow from. I have watch numerous YouTube videos and have been going through the Home Assistant forum…just trying to figure out the best path forward on what seems to be an incredibly awesome project.
I am running a Windows 10 computer with a Linux VMBox setup to install/run Home Assistant.
Thanks and look forward to any suggestion

Is that a valid setup for 24/7 or just a test environment?

Hi there welcome to the community. I dont think there is any specialized online courses for HA nor you need one. This is a generally a DIY platform which is fueled by what your purpose is. How you use HA is defined by what are your objectives, it can be as simple as automating a light to complicated with templating. Most of the things have been clearly documented in the website and you just need to follow that. I can understand your anxiety but I assure you that you wont need any class to learn and use HA. Ans if you need any help with any component you always have this community to ask to.

If you are not running a 24/7 setup with your PC, you first need to shift to a system which runs 24/7. you can get the supported hardwares from this link.

Hi, my initial thought was to setup a test / learning environment for myself and if all goes well move to a separate/dedicated 24/7 PC. -thx

Hi sheminasalam,
Thank you for the quick response and info…I will check your link out now. -thx again

Instead of trying to consume the entirety of HA in one sitting, I would recommend you set a goal of one thing you want to do and then figure out how to do that one thing and build from there, otherwise you will probably be overwhelmed with all the various things that you can do in HA.

For instance, do the installation from the instructions above and then do something simple like perhaps basic presence detection with iCloud or something (the exact place I started actually), then come up with a new thing to do and research that, pretty soon you’ll find a lot of the processes you are researching are similar to the ones you have tried and you get a feel for the system.

I like the sound of that approach, not so overwhelming…thanks co_4x4. I’ll start there. thank you