Leaving Home Assistant, not worth the headaches!

And when someone tries to help you THANK them and don’t disappear for a week before responding. Common courtesy. If someone helps you solve your problem, Mark the issue as solved (and not on your own post because you thought you were so clever working it out after much help pointing you in the right direction)


Over the past year or so I’ve learned more from your prolific posting David than just about anyone! Thank You!


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This thread reinforces my view an option to block either /both threads and members will make it more useful for me and, I venture to say, for many others.

The only reason I open these sorts of threads is to see who not to view in the future. This forum is so full of fantastic, helpful contributors, I feel sullied to read wasteful, unproductive threads when so much gracious assistance is so readily available.

Finally, thank you to all of those selfless contributors, without whom this great open source project might stagnate.

Can we please let this thread die? Hateful replies are always littered throughout these types of threads. I can even see posts of mine before I became a moderator. Please don’t do what I did. Do not get sucked into these hate filled threads and move on. Thanks.


That really shows a problem in development culture. I mean it’s the same in most projects.
Developers don’t want to test. But testing is the most important part. BDD / TDD, Write tests first, then Code, automate your tests, etc.

I know this is a hobby project for most, so they do what’s fun to them. Coding. Not testing.

Personally I think it shows more of a problem with the user base… they expect everything for nothing and contribute nothing and expect everyone else to do the beta testing while expecting everything in every release is fully tested by someone else and then want to complain when something breaks.

Betas used to be a nightmare but for some time dev has been stable enough to run in production. I get sick of people still saying to never run the first .0 release of a new version… it’s not like it’s hard rolling back if there is an issue anyway.


I completely agree. The big pain is that users do not read and do not look for their problem in the posts, they just create another thread. The saddest thing is that they do not even read the posts and solve the problem in the thread they come across and ask again. no one will change it, we are just people.


Please close this thread?

This seems to be a problem for you who don’t know that this phenomenon is common for all forums. it’s not specific to HA. On every forum, long lasting members have feeling that newcomers ask the same questions again and again.
Reasons why it does happen should be obvious for everybody.
In addition to that, HA is changing so fast causing the forum is full of outdated information. Docs are not helpful everytime too.

You are repeating to death you are volunteers. So give help if you are willing to. this is the role of a volunteer. not evaluating if a necessitous deserves it.
You can do that by answering questions or by pointing to already existent answers. After time It will improve the process of seeking for the infornation. Or don’t answer at all (especially in snarky way).

Some one suggested disclaimer “this is not helpdesk” But this is support forum. The forum is not for you. It’s mainly for those who struggles with HA and expects to get answer here.

What I’m missing are answers/help from developers. From time to time there are serious issues with HA, which are obviously caused by devs.but none of them is trying to help (supposingly devs know a nature of the problem better so could give optimal way how to solve it). In turn other forum users are trying to help by guess, often giving contradictory or useless information. it leaves traces on the forum, which are indexed by google, which makes finding correct answers even less possible.


If the devs spent more time here, they would spend less time developing. We have great software, we can’t have everything.


Depends on your definition of “great”. I’m sure users whos installations have been bricked by an developer mistake (who btw sits mute giving no comment on it) have different opinion.

IMO software creation is not only about writing a code.

Never had a brick out of home assistant, except when a pi SD card has gone kaput.

How would you expect a dev to diagnose that one? Or predict a hardware failure? Or prevent a hardware failure?

please read forum. you will get to know how many people have their system affected by recent os update. Almost year ago there was incident with silently updating supervisor which affected a lot of installation.

In such cases devs expertise and help is most valuable, cause they know the best what changed causing such serious situations.

Look the title of this thread is “Leaving Home Asssistant, not worth the headaches” - follow that advice huh?


seems you have no serious arguments anymore…

This forum isn’t for arguing.

Sorry are you still here? I thought you were leaving.

I have no problem with the os update - I don’t use the os.

I have yet to see a convincing post about the OS update wrecking a system. But then again I try to ignore them because most users cannot post proper debug posts, and I am sick of pointing people to How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

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You will have a much better chance if you file GitHub issues, that is where developers look for bug reports.

I was affected by this one which should be fairly convincing with 5k views: hassOS 4.8 upgrade breaks my install

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I tried once (mentioned Supervisor-gate). A lot of other users subscribed to the issue. No response from developer received.

Both of our statements can be true.