Leaving iobroker - is there a way to import the zigbee config

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i am trying to leave iobroker, but i have a roadblock which is the zigbee network. Is there a way to import the existing config? Any help would be much appreciated.

NB - imho under the hood i guess the same SW is used and i have a perfect valid backup from the zigbee iobroker config, it’s “just” a matter of moving this to a HA compatible thing.


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I would like to do the same. Any help would be appreciated.

i’m in the same position. I have a pretty big zigbee network and this would prevent me from moving to HA.
I’ve HA on proxmox and i’m very impressed. I would love to move completely to HA, but if i have to manually move my 60+ zigbee devices to HA this would be an obstacle.

A Zigbee network with 60+ devices is rather small. Migrating to HA should take considerably less than a day to accomplish. This is a limitation of IEEE 802.15.4 networks, which includes Zigbee, Thread, Matter, etc. The same though applies to WiFi if you want to move devices from one SSID to another. No way around it.

The secret is how you remove (disassociate) a device from your current hub to a hub supported by ZHA or Z2M, without having to physically reset it. Basically remove the device from your current hub, which should then automatically set it in pairing mode, and pair it with the HA hub.

Even in the worst case scenario, and assuming your devices are not super difficult to reach, physically resetting them will take a day to accomplish.

You can spread this task over a weekend to get things done at a slower pace. Migrate sensors on a per logical area basis.

This is from someone who has done plenty of migrations with some upwards of 800 devices per site.