LED bulb Z wave cannot be turned off

I have a aeotec z wave light bulb multi color level zwa002 which cannot be turned off. I have hass on docker v0.106.6.

Inclusion goes well.

After inclusion I can turn it off by the switch in the frontend.

In the evening the light turns on by an automation rule.
When I go to sleep the light should be turned off by an automation rule as all other lights however this does not happen. And also I cannot turn it off in the frontend. The switch goes to the off position and then quickly goes to the on position again.

I did several inclusion and exclusions

The OZW_log I cannot understand well but I do not see errors at first sight.

The light is in a good mesh and has 18 neighbours.

Any suggestion where to troubleshoot?
Or is the light DOA?

Have you tried an ordinary incandescent bulb? It may be that the led light does not provide a sufficient load for the dinner to work properly.

The light itself is a z wave light, so it is not a light connected to a z wave dimmer

If the bulb is dimmable, can you set the brightness to 0%?

The bulb is dimmable. I tried this as well but it does not go to 0%. 15% works. But if I set it to 0% it dims a small percentage and then quickly returns to the original level

Does setting VerifyChanged in the config file, per this separate topic, help?

Good find! It looks a bit difficult to implement because I think I then have to switch to ozw 1.6. For now I use just the ozw included in homeassistant 0.107. If i switch to a higher version I am scared that my whole z wave setup fails…