LED Controller and transitions - can´t get it to work

I´m using 2 types of LED controllers right now:

First ones are the “UFO style” Controller I bought last year (see image on bottom), this year i bought the Ledenet WiFi RGBW Controller mentioned on the Flux_LED/Magic Light integration page.

With none of them I´m able to do some smooth transitions, as it seems they are simply ignored. There are only hard “binary” transitions from low to high, no matter what I do in the configs.

This is from the configuration:

  - platform: flux_led
        name: office schrank led
        mode: "rgbw"
        protocol: 'ledenet'
        name: wohnen tv led
        mode: "rgbw"
        protocol: 'ledenet'
        name: treppe og led
        mode: "w"
        protocol: 'ledenet'

And this is an action from an automation.

  - service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.treppe_og_led   
      brightness_pct: 50
      transition: 2

Using the Ledenet protocol or not, doesn´t make any difference. Is there something else wrong with the config, or are transitions just not supported by these controllers?

Thank you!


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