LED controller wrong Colours

Had working TV BIAS lights for a long time, wanted to upgrade them to be controlled by HA also. Purchased an ALEXA/WiFi controller online (ages ago and been left in a drawer) which uses MagicHome app to set up.

All setup but the blue and green are the wrong way round. Any way i can tell my HA config that and just flip them? (opened up the box as no chance of returning and tried to solder connectors by colours on board which also failed.)

Wondering whether there is a config option on your controller? I had the same issue with FastLED and it turned out to be config in the library, nothing to do with HA…

How would i check that sort of thing?
I can obviously get to the board but no idea how to check what is on it.

to be honest I have no idea. I don’t know this controller nor how it works, just trying to share my experience which may point you in the right direction.

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