LED dimmable HA compatiple driver/transformer all in one?

I am in the process to renovate my house - like rip all out and start over.
I have searched the net and various fora, incl. this one.

What I need is a 230v AC to 12V DC dimmable LED driver with easy HomeAssiatant integration and also a single PUSH control?

I live in a rule-controlled country (Denmark) and this will be installed by an electrician, hence I can’t use some not-approved Chinese no-name box. I will need an approved brand with the EC stamp on it?
I need a lot of these as all ceiling lights will be dimmable LED spots. app. 6-8 watts each spot, some rooms with only 3 spots and some with up to 10. So I need from 20 watt to 80 watt pr. channel.

I also need the switch so in case of a total breakdown of the network there will be at least ONE control switch pr light group.

I am going to build the house “dumb” but have it ready / prepared for full HA.

I can’t find a “can do all” controller?

A picture says a thousand words, anyone who have something similar?

Hi @Robert_it !
Im looking for the same thing with no luck, any good news by your side ?
My workarround would be to separete this in 2 pieces of hardware:

1: A din rail 220v to 12v power supply (to have power source centralized)
Eg: https://www.amazon.com/MEAN-WELL-EDR-120-12-Single-Output/dp/B00R5CHZAO/ref=pd_cp_23_1?pd_rd_w=SIAVJ&pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&pf_rd_r=KERCC8M24N1WX3HNREA7&pd_rd_r=b1db1783-9dd8-45b6-ad43-cf7e4fd4cbd2&pd_rd_wg=4xT5m&pd_rd_i=B00R5CHZAO&refRID=KERCC8M24N1WX3HNREA7&th=1

  1. A PWM 12V / 8.3A (100w) Zigbee dimmer with push switch control (drawback: You need one of these per channel)

Eg: https://www.amazon.com/Controller-Lights-Repeater-Momentary-RGBgenie/dp/B07N9LP87G/ref=sr_1_32?keywords=wifi+pwm+dimmer&qid=1568383055&s=gateway&sr=8-32

Hope this work for you, i´ll try it and post some comments.

Fibaro (z-wave) do switches and dimmers for 220v circuits (CE marked) The legs on the dimmers are ELV (Extra Low Voltage - approx 7v) The switch’s legs are LV though (220v)
They also do RGBW controllers (can be used for single colour tape, RGB tape or RGBW tape. PWM Control (negative switched) from a separate 12 or 24v PSU.
For the Dimmers I recommend IKEA Ledare as these 1) go lower than most other dimmable LED Bulbs I’ve tried and 2) when they do go VERY low they don’t flicker. Some Bulbs when low OR even when they are OFF flicker anoyingly.
I have the dimmers set to vary lightlevels through the day, but this can be overridden if you flick the light off and back on to get full brightness.

I’m not sure why you’d want them all in one as they serve different purposes.
And everything should be dumb apart from 1 smart component in each controllable element


were you able to find sth? I have 3 DALI/Phillips led drivers (white) dimmable lamps and can’t find a way to control them.

I can add some sonoff mini to ON/OFF but I will not be able to know the status of the lamp. I can dimm it from the switch, but I want to know the status of the lamp so I can turn it off but automations.