LED Effects

Good evening all

I am having an issue with led control. I can turn them on and have added the effect I want but I want the effect to play as soon a the led is turned on.

Can this be done?

My yaml file is as follows

  - platform: fastled_clockless
    chipset: WS2811
    pin: D1
    num_leds: 60
    rgb_order: GRB
    name: "LED1"
      - strobe: 
          name: Strobe RB
            - state: True
              brightness: 100%
              red: 100%
              green: 0%
              blue: 0%
              duration: 400ms
            - state: False
              duration: 0ms
            - state: True
              brightness: 100%
              red: 0%
              green: 0%
              blue: 100%
              duration: 400ms

Something like

  id: LED1
  effect: strobe

Thanks for the reply.

Forgive my novice questions, but does that go in the code I posted above or a different file.


That goes in the automation / script / service call from a lovelace button, that you use to turn the light on