LED got wrong color via Zigbee Controller

Hi, I have the following hooked up to HA:

  • GLEDOPTO GL-C-103P ZigBee + RF Digital RGB Strip Controller
  • WS2812B ECO GRB IC individually addressable LED strip

Obviously, the colors RED and GREEN are mixed up. Is there any way to change this from Home Assistant side or do I just have to get a “proper” RGB LED strip? What’s the GRB anyways for?
(I think I did a boo boo while ordering that LED strip.)

I was browsing through the Zigbee properties of the controller, and obviously, in the Cluster section, there seems to be some kind of color configuration. Would any alteration of these parameters bring me further? Where could I read about such configuration?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You can change it with the button on it. Look here at this video around the 5 minute mark.

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You saved my project, it works - thank you very much, I appreciate it!

Hey, glad to be of help. That box looks interesting so I may need to change the LED settings myself in future :wink:

Sorry, I am rather a newbee on HA, but I also got one of those GL-C103P zigbee controllers. I managed to get it added to HA using my zigbee2MQTT device (sonoff bridge with Tasmota) but now I got stuck on how to best add it to my dashboard.

My goal is to have scenartios (with different LED behaviours, starting from rainbow, over police, … up to whatever I may somehow “define”.). But fro now I´d already be happy to controll the GL-C-103P via my HA-Dashboard rather than via the RF remote control.!
The screenshot does show where I got stuck

Ok, “stuck” … keine Panik, das Teil macht was es soll. Rainbow hab ich jetzt noch nicht probiert, aber im Dashboard solltest Du das GL-C-103P mit z.B. Mushroom Light einbinden können. Du musst eben die Bezeichnung der Entität von dem Teil wissen und mit der Info gehst Du zum Dashboard und fügst eine Karte ein. Und: Dass Du das Teil von der Zigbee-Seite aus nur ein- und ausschalten kannst ist mehr oder weniger normal.

Versuch das mal und melde Dich gerne wenn Du noch Hilfe brauchst.

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