LED Indicator


I have several light switches installed and all have LED indicators. Some are red when the light is on and some are green when the light is on. Is there a way to standardize these in Tasmota? For example when the switch is on, have the LED turn to green and when it’s off turn to red. Is the change made in Configuration > Configure Template > GPIO13 > Led or Led_i?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided

It really depends on the hardware. Some have the led attached to a separate GPIO and you can change it however you like. Some it is tied to the light relay and can only be on when the light is on.

If you have a soldering iron you can swap the LEDs.

Just as a follow up, On my work bench I’ve got a KS-602S test switch flashed with Tasmota 12.2.0. Does anyone know if I can change the “Module Type” (for example to Sonof Basic) or update the template to “Markevina KS-6” and then do some adjustments to reverse the status LED’s? I’ve done some research and I don’t believe the console commands “LedState 1” or LedPower" will work for me. I prefer not to use a soldering iron as all of my switches are installed and I don’t feel like uninstalling them. My hope is there is a way to configure the status LEDs via Tasmota. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

No you can’t do that. The problem is that the switch LED is wired in parallel with the relay.

Turn the relay on and the LED comes on. There is no independent control of the LED. It’s the way the hardware is wired. The only solution is to physically swap out the LEDs with a soldering iron.

Both the relay and LED are wired to GPIO 12.