"LED Mode" on HomeSeer Switches (100/200 series)

I am currently figuring out the best way to migrate from HomeSeer to Home Assistant and want to make sure I don’t lose any functionality. On my HomeSeer HS-WS100+ and HS-WS200+ wall switches, I can set “LED Mode” inside of HomeSeer to change the switches so the LED is on when the load is on. Default is that the LED is on when the load is off.

Is it possible to also do this in Home Assistant? Can somebody point me to documentation on how to control the different aspects of these switches?

Is there anything else I should be aware of before attempting this migration? Thanks!

You can do this in the Z-Wave control panel. Before using HA, you read through the XML config files for each device and see which config options are exposed to HA. For example, the WS100+ can set the “LED Status”. My HomeSeer fan control has the same option.

Looks like there’s an example automation here that uses the LED lights. There is also some info on using scenes elsewhere in the same thread.


Thanks to both of you! I had seen the page Weok referenced before, but now I’ll bookmark it. And freshcoast gave me just what I was looking for. Thanks–I’ll take the leap and get a new Z-wave controller now to test with Home Assistant.

@MDW Did you ever manage to get your WD200+ working perfect with HA?
I’m still hobbling along with mine, requiring special device_config and polling.
Seems like this is an ongoing issue that most in HA seem to pass off as an issue with OpenZwave.