Homeseer WD200+ Zwave Plus Wall Dimmer

Just received this in a newsletter:

Homeseer WD200+ Zwave Plus Wall Dimmer

This opens a lot of possibilities :slight_smile:

It will probably take a while for this to be supported in OpenZwave - as far as I know it doesn’t even support Central Scene officially yet.

With the WD100+, I control 5 devices using double and triple tap as on/off switch. So adding up to 5-tap and some RBG led, I can totally imagine using this one as a global control switch/dimmer.

I purchased one and a three way companion. I should still be able to use it as a standard dimmer until more support is added right?

I have one of these. Homeassistant doesn’t recognize the device, but it will treat it as a normal dimmer. You can’t do any configuration on it though.

I did write up a device xml file for openzwave and was able to change the configuration parameters including individual LED colors, so there doesn’t seem to be any reason it won’t be fully supported in the future.


Good deal! I hope OZW adds support soon!

Quick question, did you set a refresh option on the dimmer to get the UI to work right? I was able to get scene activation working with double taps, etc.

Yes, I had to use the refresh option to keep the UI consistent. I also got scenes working, but I had to tail the z wave log while tapping the switch to get the scene_data numbers, I have no idea how those numbers were determined.

Can either of you provide a bit more detail as how to get the WD200+ working in HA for the moment? I seems to work somewhat ok out of the box, but as it sounds like you mention, the UI is pretty delayed. Where do I set the refresh, and does that clean up the UI issues completely?

This is from my configuration.yaml file. The devices with “refresh_value: true” are homeseer switches. The UI cleans up within a couple of seconds.

      usb_path: /dev/zwave
      polling_interval: 60000
          polling_intensity: 1
          polling_intensity: 1
          refresh_value: true
          refresh_value: true
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Made that settings change… but the result I’m getting is still pretty much the same. The status is always wrong until you click a second time.
Light = Off, UI = off, User turns UI ON, Light = On, UI = On…then off. Then you click on again… and light stays on and UI finally says on. The reverse is true for Off.

Also, and I think this might have something to do with the laggy status, is that the lights ramp time is pretty slow… so I think the status gets updated before they are complete off, and so it thinks the updated status is on still? Any way to kill that ramp time and make things immediate?

Also, @aenea as this you? Is there any way to pull those changes into my HA? Does it allow for complete WD200 support?


I don’t know how you’d pull it in, but you could edit the files directly. I’m running the docker version of HA and the file path inside the container is: /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/python_openzwave/ozw_config/config/

If you get the files updated, you’ll have to remove the switch from your z-wave network and re-add it. Once it’s re-added you don’t really need the files anymore so you won’t lost functionality if an upgrade wipes out the files.

I copied the parameters from here:

so it should cover all the documented options and the switch did respond properly to all the options I tested.

Oh really? So after manually updating those files the switch works flawlessly?
Do the extended features work too, like programmatically changing the LED colors?


Could you please point me in a direction with instructions on how to get double/triple taps working on the homeseer switches in Home Assistant.


Hey pdobrien3,

Sorry for the delay, got a busy week.

So, you first have to add some lines in the zwave config. See
Then you can add this in your automation:

- id: a0009a
  alias: Double tap down
  - platform: event
    event_type: zwave.scene_activated
      entity_id: zwave.homeseer_hswd100_wall_dimmer
      scene_id: 2
      scene_data: 3
    service_template: >
      {% if states.light.lampe_christine.state == 'on' %}
      {% else %}
      {% endif %}
      entity_id: light.lampe_christine

Basically, when double tap down, if light is on then turn it off else turn it on.

I hope this will help you.


@iDVB did you find any update on these switches? I would like to change the colors too. Not sure if it is possible yet? Hope these are supported fully in future. I have 3 of these and would like to use them to their potential.

Any news on the colored status lights?

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I was able to switch the color on mine within zwave settings by grabbing a copy of the latest OpenZWave configs and pointing my install at the directory using the config_path setting.

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@Tuckie Can you elaborate a bit more on the specifics of what you did with the config, and how you integrated it in to HA, and why it helped?

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sure @JimM:

I downloaded a copy of openzave, and pointed my install to the config directory from the project.

  usb_path: /dev/zwave
  config_path: /zwave-config/open-zwave/config

This lets my copy of home assistant use all of the latest xml definitions from the openzwave project.
In my case, it let me set all of the settings on the zwave page for my WD200+.

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