LED RGBW lights


I am very new to this and have, managed to setup a PI to transmit to some RF sockets, so the christmas lights are all setup and automated.

Now I want to start on some lamps but need some help with the hardware required.

I have been looking at the easybulb, but need to know, do I just need the bulb, or do I have to by the wifi controller too.

I am also looking at LED RGBW strip lights. I have previously set these up with LED remote. I think I will required RF remote controllers though.

Please could someone give me a bit of a run down on this subject, maybe with some links so I can get an idea of the spec required. I also want to keep the cost down to a reasonable level. I am based in the UK.

On another note, thanks for all the hard work put into Home Assistant. My experience so far has been excellent. In fact it is a little addictive, much to my wife dis-pleasure. LOL.


Milight/Limitlessled/Easybulb is easy and affordable. Perfect combination with HA.