LED RGBW off the shelf systems for HA?

Would like to setup a simple LED strip in place of a lamp. My requirements are:

  • Capable of warm white colour (to emulate lamp style lighting)
  • WiFi or Conbee II compatible (that’s all I have for communication with HA right now)
  • As “off the shelf” as possible. Don’t have a lot of free time for custom programming, wiring, etc but could do some basic piecing together of couple simple components
  • Does not require individually addressable LEDs (only planning to use basic solid colour, on/off automations)
  • Inexpensive. Realize this probably goes out the window with the “off the shelf” requirement but…


Edit: If there is no simple off the shelf system for this would the following work and be semi-simple to setup? The power draw and other aspects of LED lighting seem a bit of a rabbit whole to me and I don’t want to end up with a combo that will produce inaccurate lighting or have other negative effects.


WiFi and the Wiz platform works really well. I have ~38 of their bulbs right now and two of these strips.

Sengled strips are also a good choice (Zigbee).

Seems I can’t get that specific one in Canada, just this for a kit.

Can they be controlled locally? I haven’t used any Philips stuff.

I think this might actually get me 90% of what I want for fairy cheap ($40 CAD + tax).

Norrfly LED strip
Tradfri controller
Power Supply
My existing Conbee II

Can anyone confirm if that should work together?

Would be less than the Philips Wiz solution above (which seems to also require a custom component) and less than just the Gledopto Zigbee controller that was suggested elsewhere. Only thing missing is RGB but that was more of a nice to have for my lamp use case than a hard requirement. I can get away with some different blinks or dimming patterns for a handful of basic alerts.

Most of the Chinese RGBW controllers are “magichome” compatible. I have 3 on order from AliExpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32686853650.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.28634c4drCZvBV but shipping to Canada can take months, so don’t hold your breath for a report. I think they’re supported in HA, but I plan to flash them with ESPHome so not an issue for me. A local place sells them, but has no stock (normal for them) http://unclewiener.com/product/new-mini-bluetooth-wifi-led-controller-rgbw-strip-light-rgbw02/
I did a homebrew one with a Nodemcu and 4 MOSFETs. It works, but a pain in the butt.

Might pay a little extra (+$25 or so vs the Ikea solution) and go with this. Full kit with RGB+W and should integrate directly with my Conbee II. No messing trying to find different compatible parts (controller + strip + power adapter), etc.

If / when I need more than this single installation I might go for a cheaper bulk root but time and simplicity is more important that cost for me right now.

I’ve been very happy with the Sylvania 73773 (16ft indoor 24V RGBW) Zigbee light strips. Earlier this year, they were on Amazon and Walmart for $16-$20ea, but I don’t see them that cheap anymore. They work great with my ConBee II.

Looks like those are difficult to find in Canada or expensive. Amazon.ca = $166 CAD lol. A related item that came up were the Sylvania 73685 but they’re about 30% more for the same length as the Sengled I linked above and don’t seem to come with a controller? Can’t really tell the images just show the strips alone.

The 73765 does some with a Zigbee controller and power supply, so it’s a complete solution. It’s also outdoor rated. It’s only 12V and not extendable, though. Also, the red on that strip looks pretty orange to me… definitely different than the Philips and Sylvania 73773. I haven’t played around with any config values or tried to tweak settings… just compared 2 strips with the same RGB values provided by HA. Probably fine for variations of white, though.