LED SK6812 RGBW to work with NodeMCU and Home Assistant help


I was advised to get these SK6812 RGB W LED’s as they had the extra White LED but since then, the code that I was planning on using doesnt support them on FASTLED.

I was going to use them for the soffits of my house, so wanted to work in HA with different shows but its not worked.

I wanted to upload the comfiguration to Arduinio IDE also.

Has anyone found a way to get this working either in FASTLED and the fork or NEOPIXELS ?

I have 2 x 5 meter sets of LED’s that I would like to run from different channels if possible.

Thanks in advance.


This project maybe easier then coding your own:

That project has SK6812 support.

Cool. Will look into that.

Does it have the interface Lovelace cards for HA ?

I couldn’t tell from the readme file



The team members of that project are working on finalizing Home assistant auto discovery, It’s not perfect yet. However, it’s workable.

I think the project is close to the release of .8.5. Reading the project notes, it seems mqtt and Home assistant discovery are getting needed attention.
Info page:

hope it helps

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Thanks again.

Will read it again. Hopefully flash my NodeMCU with esphome tomorrow and have a play.

Did it work out ok? I was thinking to go with the same strip type.

FYI I believe ESPHome supports this as well.


WLED. Is what i used on NodeMCU and it is working great.

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But can you tell me step by step how you flash nodemcu and then how you connect it with strip SK6812?

I flash my nodemcu by flasher and then connect data to D4and power. When power ON only first Led light from 5meters strip.
I dont know what is a problem…

Try the discord channel. There is a lot of activety on here and Aircoookie is the creator and he is very active in helping on there.

I suspect either not enough power or faulty LED’s. My test strip only lit up a few LEDs but my main 5m LEDs worked fine.

But i use WLED on my nodeMCU. I write version 0.8.6

But is any other chance to test verify my led strip if it works OK ?

I connect GND from strip is connected to V- on power supply and also GND from NodeMCU is connected also to V-. Then power+ from strip is connected to V+ on power supply and also VIN on nodeMCU is also connected to V+. And DIN on strip is connected to D4 in nodeMCU.

Why dont you just connect direct to 5v power supply. They should just light up on their default colour… I think.

The data wont be attached to anything

But i connect direct to 5V power supply. Without NodeMCU no light anything…

When I use WLED with my SK6812 strips, only about the first meter comes on. I’ve changed both the LED count and default milliamps settings like this:

uint16_t ledCount = 150;

Did I change the wrong settings in the code? I can’t find any other settings that look right so I think those are the ones in the WIKI. Anyway, I have tried on two different strips and both light up only about 1 meter. My power supply is something like 30amps so certainly there is no issue with lack of power.

Figured it out. This has to be set in the wled gui for the controller. Also the HA integration works Ok on ver 1.04 but it doesn’t seem to isolate the white channel as well as wled stand alone. Still playing with it to see what is possible.

just bought some SK6812 LEDs to use with a Wemos D1 Mini and found this thread. Any other input on WLED vs ESPHome or updates on how it’s working?

nodemcu and wled… works great. esphome didnt work before christmas when I was looking for what I needed and WLED came along and changed all that.

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+1 for using WLED. Very simple setup and has far more effects than ESPhome

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