LED Status Lights

I have a few devices around the home where I would like to check their status without lauching an app or reconfigured my LED strip to change colour. This is what I had in my head:

A UK light switch sized object that I could place in the hallway near to the front door between the living room and the kitchen.
This devices will have some (3 or 4) single LED bulbs that I can switch on/off or change the colour of so the following would work:
When the garage door is closed the light is green and red when opened.
When both back doors are closed, green and red when opened.
When the bathroom towel rail is activated the LED goes green and red when off
I know I can fit a panel like a NSPanel from Sonoff (NSPanel - SONOFF Official) and configure it, but I think its overkill to just glance at to get a status update for when I go to bed or leave the house.
I also thought that I could put together an ESP type device, but I have hands like lump hammers, so I generally install something pre-built.
I have a number of LightWaveRF2 socket switches, where you can change LED colour, but that part of the API doesn’t seemed to be exposed to Home Assistant, also they are spread all over the house rather than be in one place.
Thanks in advance for any ideas!