LED Strip Recommendations

So, I’ve got a couple of needs for LED strips and having not really entered this world I’ve been looking and there seems to be a huge variety of options (and prices). Many of them have poorly written descriptions as well.

I already have a ConBee stick and ideally would like my LED strips to use Zigbee although I’ve noticed a lot of the top rated controllers are wifi.

I’ve put my scenarios below. Anyone who has advice, product suggestions or has done a similar thing and willing to share their setup would be greatly appreciated.

Kitchen - under the wall units

  • Not too complicated here. Just want an RGB and White spectrum LED strip.
  • It would be made up of 1m and 1.5m but would want them on the same controller. Presuming I can just get a connector cable.
  • Would need to be fairly bright so they light up the worktops
  • I would also ideally like to wire straight into a fuse switch rather than plug in. Think I’ll need a transformer unless someone has any other way?

Other Places
Like my kitchen but just one strip and can be plugged in. Also don’t need to be as bright as purely for ambient lighting

This is probably the most complex one where I could do with the most help.

  • About 13m just under my roof ledge.
  • Ideally would like RGBW that are also addressable so I can do fancy lighting for seasonal holidays
  • Will need to be waterproof
  • From what I’ve seen controllers only seem to be able to do lengths of 10m. Would I just need 2 controllers (i.e. as if I was doing 2 completely different setups) or is there another solution

Overall, I would like a cost effective solution. I’m based in the UK