LED Strip with RGB + Warm White and Cold White (CCT) any suggestions?

Hi all,

I’m looking for some led strips with both rgb + Warm and old white. Of course they need to be able to work with home assistant, but I’m im already using some some rgb wifi that are paired with MagicHome normally but works well with Hole Assistant.
Do you have any suggestions or maybe link to aliexpress / wish where I can buy them.

Hi Yoinkz, I just got a great strip from UK based Voltacon via their ‘ledison’ shop.

It was not cheap, but it came next day with a quality mains driver, modern Mi-light controller (LS2) and a 5m strip with 60 LEDS/m; 24v; 18 W/m; Colour: RGB + 2700k + 6500k; CRI >80; 12mm wide; https://www.ledison-led-lights.co.uk/shop/led-strip-light-5-in-1-rgb-warm-white--cool-white-5-meters/529.htm Everything I needed in the box except a mains plug and it works a treat.

I’m also waiting on a cheaper model branded iHomma to be shipped from China - 20USD including shipping and controller it claims, I’ll post back a review once that turns up. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07GJFZY37/

Looks promising, but I agree… Expensive!
What Power unit do you need to power it up, 12V guess, but how many amps?

The Mi-light LS2 can take 12V to 24V but the led strip is rated for 24V, so I’d be inclined to stick with 24V.

Voltacon included a led driver (constant voltage power supply) in the bundle, a 24v 36w (1.5A) ip67 waterproof model GP-CVP036N-24V-P02. As you can see the led strip is rated 18W/m so 5m could theoretically draw 90W when all the lights are on, and in fact when switching quickly between colours at full intensity it did cut out -however in regular use the supplied driver gives enough current.

If you wanted to ensure you gave enough to supply up to 90W at 24V, using P=IV (power Watts = current Amps x voltage Volts), that gives you 3.75A, but as I say, in regular use you’re unlikely to be needing all the R + G + B + CW + WW leds on at full intensity.

Well, that’s actually one of my main conerns. Because in most cases when looking on Wish and Aliexpress, I do look for the RGBW Strips and most of them offers a 12V 3Amps Power Supply. But how can 3A be enough?

If you look at this page Ampere Calc, which I’ve been trying to use as a reference when buying.
As you can see, then they write:

To find the total maximum current draw per meter, we would multiply 60mA x 10 (ten segments per meter for the 30/LED per meter strip) = 0.6 Amps per meter OR 60mA x 20 (twenty segments per meter for the 60/LED per meter strip) = 1.2 Amps per meter .

Well in most of my cases I buy the RGBW(W) - RGB + Warm White edition and in 5 meters. But if 5 Meters should be calculated with the above equation, then it should be like 1.2 Amps * 5m = 6 Amps. That will leave me with some of the big Power Supplies instead of the ones that fits well into the power socket :smile:

@artmg What do you think about that?

Anyone else?

Coming back to this a bit late, @Yoinkz, but

PS: Power (Watts) = Voltage x Current (Amps) so 12V 3A power only gives you 36W, which is very little on a 5m strip.

I ended up going for one of those big 6A trailing power supplies, as one of the strips I trialled would suddenly cut out when I turn up the brightness — not what you really want.

For my final choice of LED strips, I went with these GLedOpto 5m IP65 RGB+CCT strips from Aliexpress, which were only $22 a piece when I ordered them earlier this month, and they arrived very quickly along with their ZigBee 5 way controller and I am very happy with that choice. I went for the 2-ID version, which is a bit odd, as you get 2 light objects in HA, but your can mix, match and balance the CCT and the RGB at the same time for maximum colour and brightness.

At 20 Watts per meter, 5m should be 100W, so a 6A 24V supply = 144W, is more than ample, but I feel it’s better to have enough power in reserve than have the lights suddenly cut out when you turn them all on. And as they are installed on top of the cupboards, those big ugly black 6A adapters are nicely hidden away.

No worries and thanks again!
Will look into those devices, seems to be a fair price as well :blush: