LED Tape Lighting Wall Switch

Looking to install under cabinet dimmable white LED tape lights in kitchen and would like to control both through HA and via the wall switch/dimmer. Is this even possible? Would like to avoid a Hue package, mainly due to cost, but realize I may need a hub of some sort. I’d like to buy components individually to build a system and integrate HA into it, somehow.

Any recommendations on a wall switch that may accomplish this with or without a hub?

Many thanks!

Hey man look in youtube about controlling your led strip’s with a arduino, it works very well

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  1. Attach your LED strips to an esp8266.

  2. Run something like esphomeyaml or tasmota to program it.

  3. It will then connect to home assistant.

  4. Choose any home assistant compatible wall switch. Connect it to home assistant.

  5. Automate.

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