LED Tape Relay

Hi folks, im looking for a solution for a lighting query… Ive got some RGBW Led tape (24V). I want to both have home assistant control over the colour / brightness etc. But when i want to turn them on manually, i want to flick a switch, that turns them to white. When i turn off the lights manually, id like them to continue having HA control.

Long story short, i’m building an enclosure for my 3D printer, lit with LED tape, but when its at temp, finished printing etc, id like it to change to a predetermined colour but with overrides to have it lit in white when im working on it…

Any thoughts? Ive had a look at the Shelly RGBW2 but i lt doesn’t do zigbee

Just install them with wLED or something that controls the lights and works with home assistant. Then the physical button is just a zigbee button or something that tells HA to control the lights. You don’t need physical interface directly. It is harder to do than you realize.

I control my printers and lights manually with an Aqara cube. For the rest I do HA screens or Octoprint screens