Ledvance smart plug energy meter

Hello everyone, i have a quick questions i just bought the ledvance smart plug EU version and i manage to integrate them in HA via smart things however it seems like the smart thing doesnt show the energy meter hence it doesnt show in HA either and was wondering if anyone had the same issue and maybe found a sollution?

@tefra My Ledvance smart plug uses Zigbee so that I have to buy a Zigbee USB stick for communication, so that your Ledvance can be found in Home Assistant.

But I have no success by creating very simple automation like
if time > 8pm and time < 10pm, then turm on

if sun.sunset, turn on

I use GUI for creating them, but qit doe nOT work.

Can anbody in this forum help me? I am also a beginner at Home Assistant. Thanks