Ledvance/Tuya - Ceiling lamp with 2 internal light sources

I’ve bought a Ledvance smart ceiling lamp that has a main light and a colored backlight.
I´ve connected it to Smart Things and then integrated it to HA since the Tuya app gives me a timeout error.

I have full access in the Ledvance app but in ST and HA I just cant increase the intensity of the color…
Its stuck in this part (se image) and wont extened further out.

I´ve tried changing every setting i can think off, both trough the ST developer site, HA card and HA developer services. It just wont make it more intense. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

This are the states available in HA:
min_color_temp_kelvin: 2000
max_color_temp_kelvin: 9009
min_mireds: 111
max_mireds: 500
supported_color_modes: color_temp, hs
color_mode: hs
brightness: 28
hs_color: 288, 88
rgb_color: 210, 30, 255
xy_color: 0.326, 0.132
friendly_name: Orb 1
supported_features: 32

This are the states available in ST:


I dont have an answer for you but I can localtuya supports setting values to individual data points.

You can figure out respective data point on the device and expected data format and call localtuya service.

HOWTO get a DPs dump · rospogrigio/localtuya Wiki · GitHub

Forget about it, this was all about tuya :slight_smile:

Since i have 2 lamps in the same hallway i created a automation within the Ledvance app with the trigger:
“Lamp 1 = off, Lamp 2 = on”. When this combination is true, the automation is triggered and the exact colors, brightness etc is set trough the Ledvance app.

I then just made the button in HA turn Lamp 1 off and Lamp 2 on. Not the prettiest solutions but it works.

I will try your suggestion tho, since Ledvance is a Tuya product.

Check here: LEDVANCE SMART+ WIFI- Call to all :-) - #2 by koying

I´ve tried this, but this works worse than the Smart Things integration :frowning: