Legal concerns regarding the name "Home Assistant"


I was searching the internet for a wireless switch solution. Not related to HA, just for other purposes…

Suddenly I stumbled over a Smart Home System from the brand “Gira” which they call “Home Assistant”.
Have a look here:

Maybe you already knew and maybe it is just no problem. But I wanted raise this topic to make you admins aware of this. Not to run in some kind of legal problems. May be we have some law experts or lawyers in the community :wink: .


Something tells me it’s the other way around…
There is no mentions of Home Assistant in Gira Milestones
And Home Assistant as we know it was first released seven years ago. If Gira Home Assistant was seven years old then it would have been mentioned in the milestones I believe.
Or show up on any other google searches…

But now Gira goes out quite officially with their “Home Assistant” stuff, that’s what made me nervous.
As said, maybe there are no problems at all. But in any case it will surely lead to confusions - sooner or later.
Although it is not in the roadmap, it seems to me as if they advertise it as their own Smart Home ecosystem. So from my point of view it indeed collides with OUR Home Assistant. :thinking:

Home Assistant, Home Assistant, the Home Assistant logo, and all other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with Home Assistant, or the Website are trademarks or registered trademarks of Home Assistant or Home Assistant’s licensors.

Okay, good to have these terms in place.

So I guess “we” don’t have any problem here, right?
Is Gira violating some ports of our Term of Service? If so: should Gira be contacted?