Legrand/Bticino MyHome

I’m also glad you found a solution.
But then would it be enough just to send any request on the bus to keep the connection active?
for example, even just the model request?

For example?

  - alias: "MyHome Watchdog"
    initial_state: true
      - platform: homeassistant
        event: start
      - platform: time_pattern
        minutes: "/1"
      - service: myhome.send_message
          message: "*#13**15##"


I also fixed (or I think I fixed…) a bug relating to the valve and actuator status tonight, but it’s not been tested yet.

Ok Julien, I think you have solved this step too.
Now the climate signals when it is off/idle/heating

But before giving you 100% confirmation I will send you the logs, especially about the probe sensor :0)

Yes that’s right, I use an automation identical to yours, sending a command to switch on a non-existent light and this keeps the event bus active and therefore updates the interface.


I also confirm that the heating now works perfectly, the status of the valves is updated and also the various offsets.
Perfect ! Really a great job :+1:.

Hi @anotherjulien, first things first you and the community are doing an amazing job on this addon, so congrats!
I recently become interested in home assistant and the bticino ecosystem and a lot of clients asked me to set up their home server with a pi and, honestly, your solution seems one of the best, if not the best around.
Tomorrow i’m going to setup the first office, do you think the addon is ready for production? I’m going to setup mainly lights, blinds, outlets and thermostats, thank you!

This is a difficult question…
On one hand me and others have been using it for a while, and I find it sufficiently stable for my use.
On the other hands, we’ve discovered multiple “fringe cases” that behave differently and require tweaks and some specific attention.

It reminds me of a post I saw a few weeks ago on Reddit of someone asking advice on turning their Home-Assistant skills into a career.
The most pertinent response was that Home-Assistant, as good and user friendly as it is, is still a “DIY” product at core, and that it is not something that you could just drop in place for people who have no idea how it works at all. If you install it for someone, you automatically becomes the “Helpdesk” for the install as well.

I think this is very true, for HA, but all the more for this integration that is still a work in progress.
Overall, I would not expect to just install this for my grandmother and have the whole thing still working as-is after 6 months :smiley:

There will always be updates, there will probably always be some form of “light” maintenance needed.

If your clients are DYI enough to maintain a HA install, they are probably DYI enough to deploy it in the first place I guess.

Thanks for the answer, yeah i thought about the necessary maintenance but that’s not a problem if it’s in 6 months time or just after the installation ahahah.
Also do you know how to disable auto updates in home assistant? I know that a lot of my clients will not use Google Home, Alexa, or Homekit or add other appliances in their entire lifetime, at least i’ll prevent a part of the common post-update issues.
Thanks again!

Hello, I am new to HA. I just bought a house with a legrand wired home automation system. i have an F454 server. I am very interested in your integration. I can control switches, shutters and alarm.
do you have a tutorial or a video to explain the installation? Thanks for your help

Hi, stephane24
You have two options to install the component

  1. install it manually.
    (but I don’t recommend it, you will lose the update notices) just create a custom_components folder inside the configuration folder (usually /config). Go to the latest version, download the MyHome.zip file and unpack it into the newly created folder (/config/custom_components/myhome/<all_file>) and then restart home assistant.

  2. install it via HACS (recommended)
    Through hacs just follow the official guide.

Once you are ready, you will need to enter the repository path https://github.com/anotherjulien/MyHOME

Installation - Click to expand

Go to the hacs menu, click on the three dots, choose custom Repositories

Paste the link, choose integration and press add

Click on the MyHome integration

Click on the install this repository in hacs

again install

After rebooting, discovey should have found your Gateway.
Go to configuration/integration and you will see MyHome Dicovered similar to what you see in these photos (Legrand/Bticino MyHome)

Press configure, enter the password and then read how to integrate the various entities from Julien’s readme on the Github.

Once configured the configuration.yaml file (or you create a package) reboot and you should be ready to use them in home assistant

You will be able to control everything, except the alarm, which is not implemented at the moment.

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thank you for your reply

I don’t have the configure button. I don’t know why

I think it is already installed, maybe you had the default password 12345 and it self-configured? I don’t know, but the entity has been created, try to make a minimal configuration, a light for example and restart … …

also see the log if there is any problem😅

it works. thank you !!! good job

I’m glad you solved it.
Don’t forget to put a nice star :star2: in Julien’s MyHome repository on github, or a nice like :heart: on the first post … let’s see how many we are here :o)
Is the minimum((don’t you think?)), perhaps it deserves something more :0)

hello Julien, I installed your integration last night. I can play with my lights and my roller shutters. thank you so much. this making several me that I sought to do it. I have a screen to open the portal and receive calls from the doorbells (videophone).

have you planned this integration?

thank you, your integration already allows me to imagine lots of other things !!

yes of course


I’m glad this is working out for you :slight_smile:
My goal for the end of this year was to reach a satisfactory state with the heating integration. With the help of @caiosweet, @bubez81, @hST and @Depechie among others, I believe version 0.7.3 does that!

What will come next is the Alarm (WHO 5) system and Auxiliary events (WHO 9). I’m planning on getting started in January.

I had not planned to add Video/Entry system yet, but I will certainly look at how much work it appears to be to do it and plan accordingly!

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Hey @anotherjulien just wandering, can we add the GitHub link to hacs manually already?

Yes! You can now add it as a custom repository in HACS :slight_smile:

Can this integration also be used to register button presses on wall switches (such as the L4652/2) or only to drive actors? Would like to use the events of those button presses for additional automations outside MyHome.

I’m not sure what the question is.
What’s special about those wall switches?
If they send CEN or CEN+ commands, then sure, it can be used with this integration.
You can also receive events for GEN, Area or Group commands!

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Yes, if you configure the L4652/2 in CEN mode.
See paragraph 3.2, you can configure 4 special buttons, and use the trigger

Hi everyone,
unfortunately the watch dog does not work properly and after a while the system freezes.
This unfortunately also interrupts the communication between the buses and also blocks my mqtt based integration. I have tried several ways to get around the problem but probably the watch dog must be foreseen within the same instance that activates the command bus.
In the end I had to uninstall myhome to be able to use node red and mqtt, in this way everything works perfectly again.