Legrand Dooxie Dimmer pairing process & configuration

Hello, today I want to share with you the pairing and configuring process of the Legrand dooxie connected switch.

Product link

Legrand does not provide any documentation about how you can pair or configure the device outside of his ecosystem, however it’s a Zigbee device, you can use it directly with home assistant.

  1. Remove the control cover .
  2. Wire the switch following manual instruction.
  3. From HA launch the zigbee pairing process.
  4. Push the button next to the gear icon :

You should now be able to control the switch from HA, by default it does not allow the use of the dimming via the buttons, for this to happen you need to :

  1. From HA, go to switch, click “manage clusters”.
  2. In the cluster selection for both “LegrandCluster” choose the dimmer attribute, and click on “get zigbee attribute”.
  3. This one will fill the value field by [1,1] replace it with 11 and click on “Define Zigbee attribute”

And… Voila ! Hope I helped a few !