LeGrand Excel Life Switches - Opinions?

Has anyone invested in these? They seem expensive but I think the quality will be there, just keen to hear from others.


I love this, people ask opinions or howtos about a piece of hardware, but don’t even provide a link. Suppose you expect us to google.

Or they just forget to add the link and when asked, they add it.

Here it is again: https://www.legrand.com.au/excel-life-smart

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Thanks. I did google, and was pretty interested given they are AU/NZ products. Your link is easier to find the smart devices as opposed to their thousands of other products.

Their docs, eg, http://documents.portalink.net/product/1906232/INST%20SMART%20SGPO%20LE12375AA.pdf refers to netatmo for control. There is a netatmo integration Netatmo - Home Assistant which is said to be cloud polling. Whereas their advertising refers to local control.

I’d want to know before I rushed out and bought one.

As they’re HomeKit, would you be able to just pull them in via HomeKit Controller? Assume that’s then local?

I know nothing about homekit sorry.