Legrand Netatmo - Delay issue updating the state


I just implemented the Legrand Netatmo Gateway(Hub) and 2 * dimmer switches at my home and using Legrand Cloud to add to my HA.

I find out that there’s 2-4mins delay updating the state from the HA dashboard.

I am also connected from Legrand to Google Home and works instantly. Also the Legrand app works instantly.

It’s just HA it gets delay getting update.

Any idea to resolve this issue? HA is most recent version.

Hello @wonheeryu
Did you fin any solution on your problem ?

I’m having exactly the same issue on bticino dimmer switches (K4411C) .
When I turn on the light, It doesn’t update the state right away and the toggle goes back to off.

It’s very frustrating especially when looking for doing some scenarios based on the light state…

I have standards bticino switches (K4003C) which are showing the state instantly.

On the Home Control app, it’s working perfectly for both switches

Thanks in advance !

Same problem…

Hey there! @Creanime and @wonheeryu , did you find any solution?
I’m using multiples types/models of Legrand with netnamo switches:
Legrand 600081 (simple switch with dimmer) → Same problem as you guys on HA, no issues with Google Home or Home Control App.
Legrand 600082 (double switch without dimmer) → Works without issue on HA and Google Home or Home Control App.

@Creanime it seems related with the dimmer function…
PS: I’ve disabled the dimming function on some switches on Home Control App, but the problem is still there.