Legrand Off-peak contactor configuration


I’m posting here because I have a question for you and would be grateful to get your assistance.
My water heater is controled by a Legrand Drivia off-peak connector. This connector is by default on peak/off-peak mode. With Legrand Home+ Control, I am able to switch it in three modes : off - peak/offpeak - on.
By using the netatmo integration on Home Assistant, I managed to find my connector and my energy controller.
The energy controller works perfectly but the peak/off peak connector is identified as the combination of a switch and a power sensor.
The switch only has two positions on/off. My first though was that the “peak/off-peak” feature was not handled by Netatmo integration. This wouldn’t be a real issue as this could be handled with a coupling with schedule. But I tried every ways I could imagine and the on/off signal hasn’t any impact on the connector behaviour : I change switch state and the connector remains in the same mode, whatever it is.

Would you know a way to control the connector with Home Assistant so that I could make automation to force my water to heat when my solar pannels are producing enough energy ?

I’ve searched on this forum and on the internet for several days but I couldn’t find an answer to my question, because every solutions I found were using ZHA or other Zigbee protocols. My Legrand installation is connected to my WiFi network by a “Legrand Module Control”. I cannot connect directly with Zigbee protocol because my electric pannel is in the basement and the Zigbee signal isn’t strong enough.

I decided to post here because I ran out of ideas to make this switch work. I hope this is the proper place and also hope I did not miss any topic about this issue. If I did, please forgive me.

If any more details are needed please let me know.

Thank you