Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi

Hi all,

I would like to share some work to integrate the Lennox iComfort thermostat as a sensor into home-assistant.

The custom component is here:

Usage example is here:


  • platform: lennox
    username: icomfort_username
    password: icomfort_password

This is only for the iComfort Wi-Fi, not the S30.
Information about the lennox API can be found here:

The next step is to venture into the hass climate platform!

Thank you so much for this!

I was getting a conversion problem with the temperature units. I had to set the temperature units to TEMP_FAHRENHEIT for it to work correctly. Setting TempUnits=1 in the request URL may also work.

How Did you get it to work?

I’d love to use this to put triggering home and away status into a scene.

Hi all,

Since there is a bit of interest in this, here is a work-in-progress update.
Firstly the things that do not work yet or have not been tested.

I only have 1 house, 1 thermostat and 1 zone, so anything outside of that is untested.
Setting away mode is not yet implemented
Reading and setting programs is not yet implemented.
The F or C is hard coded for now (sorry!)

I finally got a chance to play with the climate platform.
Here are the files if you want to test/play.

Here is the api,

which you need to stick manually for now in:
.homeassistant\deps\lib\python3.4 or .homeassistant\deps\ depending on you hass version.

Then the custom climate component is here:

And example setup is:

  - platform: lennox
    name: iComfort
    username: !secret lennox_username
    password: !secret lennox_password

and some example template sensors from this are here:

Will update as soon as I get more time to finish this, aim is to expose more functionality and user configurable settings
Hopefully I will find the time to also create a PyPi package to make this easier to be officially supported.

Happy hacking!


This is great! I’m going out of town this week, but can’t wait to play with it when I get back!

Happy to see some hacking with iComfort and HASS. I’m really interested in getting home/away triggers setup also. When you are ready for more to install/test or scratch let me know. I’ve got a single dwelling setup also.

I’m using hassio on Raspberry Pi3 but am not able to locate the folder you mentioned to copy lennox_api.py to it.
Any hint how I can copy this file so that it gets properly imported through Lennox.py component?
Is there any other way to load the api within configuration.yml file?
Thanks a million

What paths(s) do the above flle(s) get copied into on a recent install of hass.io?

Any plans on getting this integrated into the main project branch rather than being a side hack?

I’ve not maintained this any further unfortunately, no idea if it even still works.

But a solution I use, which works well, although will not be for everybody as it uses SmartThings.

I installed this in my SmartThings.

And then I use the SmartThings2MQTT to get my thermostat into HASS.
This means even Alexa sees the thermostat etc.
But of course it relies on SmartThings and mqtt…

Just thought I’d share…