Lenovo Smart Display 7 Cast Support?

I’m considering a smart display / voice assistant device to pair with Hass. I think the new Lenovo Smart Display 7 looks really nice.

Will this work with Hass?

  • Can I Home Assistant Cast to it?
  • Does it recognise touch input on casted screens (lovelace)?
  • Can the camera be accessed from within Hass?


  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. No

I have the 10" version (and some Google ones), they all function the same.


OK, thanks, so there’s not much benefit of these Lenovo Smart Displays (7 with camera) over the standard Nest Hub (without camera).

Not for HA, no.

And, personally, I’ve found the Google display to be a much more usable unit than the Lenovo overall. The display itself is much better quality, and the clock doesn’t randomly flip into 12 hour mode. The speaker is a little better in the Lenovo, but not enough I’d buy another one.

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To followup on my own topic. Still looking for the best device. Now I noticed the Lenovo Tab M8 & M10 tablets with Google Assistant Ambient Mode when in a docking station. Can you Home Assistant or CATT cast to that Ambient Mode screen(saver screen)?

And anyone has experience with the mics? How do they compare to a nest speaker?