Lenovo Watch 9

Hi guys,

Just ordered a Lenovo watch 9 and I was wondering if it could be used as a room presence advertiser instead of usual iBeacon advertising to various system available (happy bubbles, etc…)

It features BLE5.0 but I am not sure if it can be used as iBeacon (setting broadcast interval, etc…)

I would suggest when you get it to; turn on bluetooth pairing on the watch, do NOT pair it with anything at this time, walk around the house, sit down at your puter and check your known_devices.yaml and see if it tagged you.
If you see your watch there, I think you’re good to go.

thanks for this, as soon as I will receive it I will try.

Any suggestion about how to check if the watch is always broadcasting the same MAC address?

Mac addresses by design are unique and never changing to an individual device.

Yeah that is the idea, but I believe some devices change their broadcast MAC addresses to make illicit tracking harder.