Less Z2M support for Sonoff TRVZB

I’ve recently bougth a Sonoff Zigbee TRV to test. I’m using Z2M for the integration. Pairing was done quickly but i was surprised that there are only a few settings available for it. It only exposes:

No local calibration, no min/max. temp, no window open/descale setting, no weekly program, no valve position, etc.

Isn’t that in line with what it states here?

Yes, but i wonder why? The TRV itself provides all features like others do. Is it that just nobody had added those endpoints to Z2M now? Or is it because Sonoff hides them for foreign apps?

Maybe you can find the calibration part under "settings (specific).

I’ve already checked that, but no, only the unit can be set here:

I’ve asked in the Z2M project, but they say that it is because of limitations in Home-Assistant that Z2M does not provide all metrics of the TRV.

The TRVZB itself is able to do a lot more than is currently shown, if you use their own App and Gateway. I wonder how this can added to Z2M and HA?

I would also like there to be some more functionality such as the position of the valve, I hope (I am not able to) that someone develops the software in a more complete way because the product is excellent.

I’ve wrote to Sonoff as they also offer it with Zigbee2MQTT and Home Assistant support, but in fact it can only do the absolut minimum basic stuff. They replied that they can’t help me and refer to their own hub and app.

For me, Sonoff it out of business when thinking about the next TRVs to buy. I would go with Avatto, which provides full integration (no valve-pos either, though).

i’ve also test some off Sonoff TRV, so i added some off them…

But the Results at my “MIJIA Temperature” looks a bit strange, so i’ve testet a bit around.

Am i Right, that the TRVZB just only can handle to states?
Valve state Full Power of Off?
it does not make sense, but i can get any other result?

Hi @holi, can you please elaborate which gateway did the Sonoff support suggest you?
iHost? Or Bridge Pro? Or something else? I am ok with adding a new gateway to the system, but I am confused which one is working with TRVZB.