Let Alexa switch mediaplayer source before answering?


i’m not sure if i could take echo or dot. I fi take a dot: is it possible to detect when alexa is getting a command and switch directly my Squeezebox-radio to Line-in so i can receive alexa’s answer with SB-Radio?

i don’t want to the squeezebox part, but is it possible to detect when alexa is listening? Or when she is willing to answere?

Not sure if I’m understanding you correctly, but as far as I know, Alexa can only answer via the Echo or the Echo Dot itself.

There is no way (that I know of), to redirect Alexa response to a media player.

@mrMuppet Nope. I have an Echo Dot. Alexa has no indication except the light ring on the top that it is listening. There is no network broadcast that a listening event has started.

If you have the smarts to do so, you can get a NodeMCU or Wemos D1 with a light sensor, then send a signal through MQTT to your Home Assistant when there is light. Assuming that HA can instruct your Squeezebox to change inputs to line in, you could then react in that manner. That’s the only option I see to do as you are mentioning.

@davemc: The dot can be linked to an Bluetooth-device and via a 3,5" cable… My Squeezebox has a Aux-In to be connect to the dot.

Thanks, I understand that, I have one in my kitchen connected to the speakers in the ceiling via bluetooth.

I guess I didn’t understand completely what a squeezebox was, and thought it was just another network connected media player (not bluetooth / cable connected) and you were trying to redirect the Alexa response to that, instead of actually having the Dot output it (albeit via bluetooth or line-out).

Apologies for the confusion.