LetEncrypt breaks rainbird component

I followed the guide located at this link to get LetsEncrypt up and running. https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/ecosystem/certificates/lets_encrypt/

SSL went off without a hitch mostly but now, I am getting dependency issues/errors reported in regard to the rainbird component. Rainbird has been running for several weeks without issue. Setting up SSL is the only real change I’ve made. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I should mention, I’m fairly new to HA and not too experienced with linux although I know basic commands, just enough to be dangerous…

HA logs report the following errors:
Unable to prepare setup for platform switch.rainbird: Could not setup all dependencies.
Unable to setup dependencies of switch.rainbird. Setup failed for dependencies: rainbird
Setup failed for rainbird: Component failed to initialize.
Error getting state. Possible configuration issues