Lets Encrypt and Duck DNS

I had setup my HAOS a year or two ago. I am transferring it from old PC to a VMware virtual machine and it appears that Lets encrypt is no longer working. For starters my ISP started blocking port 80 (not sure how long ago so now I am trying to setup with dns challenge and some docs show Duckdns (which is what I used and still using) is supported and then some show duckdns not in the list any more. so what is it? does it work with duckdns and I really need to get the proper config set?
removing some of the sensitive info.
Failed to save add-on configuration, Invalid dict for option ‘dns’ in Let’s Encrypt (core_letsencrypt). Got {‘domains’: [‘something.duckdns.org’], ‘email’: ‘[email protected]’, ‘keyfile’: ‘privkey.pem’, ‘certfile’: ‘fullchain.pem’, ‘challenge’: ‘dns’, ‘dns’: ‘duckdns’, ‘accept_terms’: True, ‘algo’:something.

then if i try some other examples by putting in provider i get this.
Failed to save add-on configuration, value must be one of [‘dns-azure’, ‘dns-cloudflare’, ‘dns-cloudxns’, ‘dns-digitalocean’, ‘dns-directadmin’, ‘dns-dnsimple’, ‘dns-dnsmadeeasy’, ‘dns-gandi’, ‘dns-gehirn’, ‘dns-google’, ‘dns-google-domains’, ‘dns-hetzner’, ‘dns-inwx’, ‘dns-linode’, ‘dns-luadns’, ‘dns-netcup’, ‘dns-njalla’, ‘dns-nsone’, ‘dns-ovh’, ‘dns-rfc2136’, ‘dns-route53’, ‘dns-sakuracloud’, ‘dns-transip’]. Got {‘domains’: [‘something.duckdns.org’], ‘email’: ‘[email protected]’, ‘keyfile’: ‘privkey.pem’, ‘certfile’: ‘fullchain.pem’, ‘challenge’: ‘dns’, ‘dns’: {‘provider’: ‘duckdns’}, ‘accept_terms’: True, ‘algo’: 'somecode}
which makes me think duckdns is no longer supported?
Using Duck DNS Current version: 1.15.0 and Let’s Encrypt Current version: 4.12.9

You don’t need to separately install Let’s Encrypt. It is included with DuckDNS when you accept the terms in the configuration.

thanks Tom. Not sure if it was seprate when I first started this and I only noticed when moving to new install on different hardware.

It has been included for years, if not always included. It was certainly present when I set up DuckDNS five years ago.

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