Let's encrypt - Automatic renewal and restart on Home Assistant OS

I’ve installed HA OS with NGINX and Let’s Encrypt abouit 3 months ago, and I could not access my instance anymore. I had to enter “Private navigation” or use another navigator to regain access.

I “restarted” let’s encrypt and then nginx.

Apparently there are blueprints to do so, but I would suggest that:

  • At least mention in one of the Add-On documentations how to setup automatic renewal - I just checked them, I could not find anything about renewal;
  • This would be included in the nginx or Let’s Encrypt Add-On as an option, or,
  • Add automatic renewal to the Let’s Encrypt Add-On anyway, and have sensors/triggers (date/event) in there to indicate that the certificate was updated to allow post-update operations (I am not completely familiar with HA yet, so I am nont entirely sure of what the best method would be).

When just starting out with HA it would be nice to have some good guidance about this

My system was running OS 6.2 with Core 2021.9.1 at the time where I encountered this issue.

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