Let's Encrypt can't create certificate for Hass.io

I am trying to create a certificate for my Hass.io install, but I get this message when Let’s Encrypt tries to create the certificate:

Failed authorization procedure. my-url.io (http-01): urn:acme:error:unauthorized :: The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Invalid response from http://my-url.io/.well-known/acme-challenge/E6lNnNMhBTuivCJWfCUHajwsNopCjHXyJ6IQVy9-v5Q []: 404

Can I create the file manually? If so, where is the WWW folder?

I have exact the same problem. Did you solve this problem?

I’d say based on his exposed instance he figured it out.

sounds like you have something running on port 80 already and the authentication cannot reach your port 80 instance.

I thought I had to redirect the incoming port from 80 to my internal hass.io ip adres port 8123.
The authentication is done on port 8123 on my raspberry pi isn’t it?

Port 80 is insecure http. Why would you ever want that?

You started about mentioning port 80 :slight_smile:
I use https so 443

Because I read the error message.

This means it’s trying to get a certificate over port 80. This has nothing to do with port 8123 because let’s Encrypt doesn’t know or care what port 8123 is. Let’s Encrypt doesn’t do any kind of authentication of anything on port 8123. It’s trying to use http to create a certificate.

You should be using DNS authentication for certs.

I was merely pointing out why it wasn’t working based on the error message.