Lets Encrypt reneval - problem with Hass.io tab


Im ussing hass.io (all in one installation at Pi), my certificate should be reneved today (actually in next 6 hours). I do know procedure, im not using duckdns so i must make it manualy, but i faced quite big problem.
Recently i updated to version 0.68.1, today i wanted to renew my certificate but… “Hass.io” tab where i should see addons, snapshots etc is blank. Sometimes, very rarely i do see my addons, but after clicking “Lets encrypt” it gets blank again. Without this tab i cant renew my certificate, or i dont know other way how to do it.
Any suggestions ? I tried Pi Restarts, server restarts, accessing hass.io by mobile app or different web browsers - effect still is the same.
Extra question - its quite possible my certificate will be not reneved in time because this issue, does it mean i will be not able to access Home Assistant at all ? What next ? reinstalation and new certificate ?

I don’t know if it’s the same but I get blank tabs in Hass.io all the time.
I just refresh the page and they appear.
It’s very annoying but an easy solution.

For the record I’m using Edge browser (yeah, I know, but I find it very good actually)

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I second @klogg. You can even go as far as ctrl+f5 to clear the cache and reload the page.

Hey guys, thank you a lot for your replies !
Indeed… after multiple (exactly 12) “refreshings” i finally got access to addons and options of Lets encrypt. Uhh… i would never guess that all what i need to to is… to be stubborn hehe.
My certificate is renewed just 2 hours before deadline :slight_smile:
Thanks again !

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Simplest way for me is just click on another tab and straight back to the hassio one, no need to force it.