Let's start talking about the new Z-wave JS integration

It’s either a bug in HA or a bug in the server. It’s an issue, I’d go back to 0.10 and log an issue.

Issue logged here:

Are you using polling with just the Z-Wave JS integration or did you have to add Z-Wave JS to MQTT addon also? I need to set poling on a couple of switches.

Apologies if I’m missing something, but am I correct in understanding that:

  • The “official” ZwaveJS add-on does not include the ZwaveJS control panel (which limits the ability to do things like a z-wave repair, see the network map, etc).
  • There is no way to use the control panel (even if installed elsewhere) to connect to the Official ZwaveJS instance.
  • The “community” ZwaveJStoMQTT add-on does include the control panel, but it completely replaces the official add-on and the two don’t work together.

I’d like to stick to the official add-on because I don’t currently need mqtt and just to feel like I’m on the long-term solution, but the control panel seems like a near necessity at this point. Is it really best to just install the community add-on? I assume any custom device names would be lost if I ever switch from community back to official?


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The “official” control panel in HA is growing with each release. 2021.4 adds support for viewing and changing device configuration. If you don’t absolutely need to remove a failed node or do a network heal immediately I’d hold out for that functionality to be added to the core control panel.


Yes, it was in the last week or two. In zwavejs2mqtt docker container 2.2.0 you could do it that way on the Inovelli Red dimmer, but their other devices (the switch, and light / fan combo) had it set separately. While it was like that, the max value was lower than it should have been though, so anything set to the “Chase” effect was rejected. It was split apart to be like the others by container 2.4.0. Sorry, I don’t have the zwavejs2mqtt versions to match the containers.

I posted a script to handle it, if that’s helpful:

weren’t we supposed to see the beta for 2021.4 yesterday? eagerly awaiting that functionality :wink:

on another subject, I am on the verge of including a FGS-223 Fibaro Double switch, but read mixed experiences on the device. Is this yet fully supported on the current Z-WaveJS core integration/add-on?

Last Wednesday of the month, so the 31st this month :wink:

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Bummer! you’re right… sorry for that. Another week of anxiety coming up.

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Quick question - I am starting again from scratch and have a very small ZWave setup using zwavejs, and so far so very good compared to OpenZWave :slight_smile:

My question is this - can anyone recommend a wall based zwave lightswitch/dimmer that has instant reporting and works with zwavejs? I want hass to get updates as soon as the switch is hit rather than waiting for polling. When I last looked into this a few years ago it was very hit and miss, I am hoping that things have improved since …

Is zwave+ a guarantee of this functionality, or do I have to be careful?


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I’m testing zwavejs also and have three devices. Performance seems better and the system is much easier to setup, but I have trouble with reporting status. I use several Aeotec smart switches and they aren’t updating the GUI after manual presses. I’m still experimenting, going to try the Aeotec Multisensor 6 next.

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The Inovelli switches & dimmers are great and have instant reporting when the physical switch is toggled.


In my experience, all current generation zwave switches operate very quickly. I have a variety of zooz, ge and sylvania. By new I mean zwave +. Just glancing at my devices, I have at least 10 new ones from various manufacturers.

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I just upgraded a bunch of my old zwave dimmers to Honeywell UltraPro Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmers. I believe these are basically the same as the GEs, but not as expensive. They work great.


I’d second Charles’s recommendation on Inovelli. Good product and great customer service and engagement. Their company founder is a regular on their discussion forums.


Excellent - sounds like I have a bunch of options which is great news. Thanks for the responses guys!

3rd for inovelli. I have 30 of their red series dimmers. The customizable LED bars are really worth it in IMO. Plus their forums are great too. You can talk directly with their CEO and CTO most of the time.

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May I ask what your method is for customizing the LED bars? Are you using a script or blueprint? I just switched over to ZwaveJS, so trying to figure out the best way right now. Thanks!

Using a modified script that was posted on the forums:

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@moto2000 Im writing the full parameter value to parameter 16 via MQTT. I use the ZWAVEJS2MQTT add-on, not the official ZWAVEJS add-on.

I use node red (i dont use HA scripts, automations, etc., everything done through node red)

Right now, the service call to write Zwave parameters is broken up into partial parametes, but heard they are fixing that. Then I may switch over to the service call as opposed to MQTT.

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