LetsEncrypt no longer updating

I have had HA for many years, setup on a VM and I have my own domain with only port 443 open on my router and forwarding to my HA. Every 3 months, I open port 80 and forward to my HA, launch Lets Encrypt update and then close port 80 and it always worked.
Now it is no longer working.
Showing: Detail: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: Fetching http://mydomain.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/SiM7-FsGBoZE3Jxxxxxxx5-GxxxxxxZiTHuPo: Connection refused

I can confirm that port 80 is open and forwarding to HA on my router. Did anything changed with the recent HA updates? I currently have 2023.4.1

For anyone interested I fixed my problem by hitting the reset config in Lets Encrypt add-on and that worked.

This experience lead me to tackle something I’ve been putting on hold for a while, I uninstalled LetsEncrypt, cleared the certs and setup a CloudFlare tunnel. That will contribute in better sleep quality.