Level Connect Door Lock (WiFi)

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a door lock without all the fancy lights and keypads

Requirements are

Home assistant (obviously)
NFC tags for guests
Sleek (doesn’t look like a smart lock)

Enter The Level Lock

I understand the original version needed BLE. But the new connect uses WiFi

  1. Is Bluetooth still a requirement for pairing? I’m not sure if my mini PC has Bluetooth and I don’t want to add it just This

  2. Is homekit still required? Is that just simply installing the home kit module in HA? I also have a hubitat if that matters

I believe the Connect module simply passes BT to the lock and is wifi connected. It’s been a while since I got the locks (a Bolt and a Touch) but I seem to recall that the Level app does the homekit inclusion so I don’t think you can use the HK controller for pairing. Let me know if you find out different - I don’t want to try it and break what currently works.