Level Lock Integration Request

First thank you to whoever is looking at these feature requests. You’re part of a team that’s helped fuel a passion and make my life easier (and way more stressful but in good tinkerer fun).

Level lock is the sleekest smart lock on the market today and the only one my wife would let me buy cause she thinks the others are too bulky and ugly.

I’ve struggled trying to integrate it as it is, and is the source of many topics on the community forums and Reddit forums.

People have this lock or want this lock but can’t find a reliable way to integrate it! This would be an awesome feature.

I’m sure with the locks integration to HomeKit it’s possible so please do consider this request thank you!!

This lock integration is already available through HomeKit Controller and Bluetooth.
I have it integrated and it works reasonably well. If your ha box is out of Bluetooth range, you can use esphome to make a Bluetooth proxy to extend range. (This is incredibly easy).

I wish there was functionality with the Level keypad though. I would love to be able to add/remove codes and see which code unlocked the door.