Level Lock Integration

I am very interested in seeing how you develop this code.
Maybe you can get it to run on an ESP32 (possibly even using ESPHome), as they have bluetooth LE support?
Either way, watching this closely to see how it pans out.

Unfortunately, I’m a C#/.net developer so no way to run on that platform

Well, looks like my patch for continuation packets made it in with the release today so my efforts are no longer necessary here. My HA box is out of range of my locks so what I did was installed HA on another Pi I had laying around, put it in range of my locks and paired them to it then used the HomeKit integration to broadcast them as HomeKit devices on the network and paired from my main HA box. The setup is a little slow but pretty stable. I have 4 of these locks and am encountering a few device reboots here and there so I’ll watch the logs and see if I can help stabilize it a bit more, but anyone waiting for this now has an answer and can set it up!

Her another thread about getting the Level bolt working with HA.

It includes the step to getting it added to HA

Level just released a Wifi controller that works with all level locks and bolt. This might be the missing piece that we have been looking for. I now see Google Home as an official integration with this.

Still don’t see any API documentation though.

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I just got one of these Level Connect devices.

I just pinged their support to ask if there is a local API on the thing. Otherwise - I’ll try to setup a mitm proxy to capture traffic between the app and the connect over the weekend and see if I can deduce anything… if my Family does not get in the way of my plans…


It’s not Nest it’s Amazon’s Ring platform with Alexa.

I’m watching this with great interest and once it supports Thread (Level Lock Plus with Home Key review: form, function and lots of features — for a price - The Verge) will probably jump on

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Did you make any progress with this? Any way to help?

No time to look yet.

I ended up linking the Level connect to Google Assistant - and then using Home Assistants Google Assistant SDK to send lock and unlock commands to it. It’s really janky, depends on the cloud, but seems to work.

Really looking forward to fully local connectivity that works - likely via Matter-Over-Thread. The day caqnnot come soon enough!

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I tabled trying to work with their proprietary WiFi bridge and went through HomeKit. It paired no problem with an ESP32 Bluetooth proxy in the same room even if the server is on the other side of the house. Once integrated, it worked with no issues and is actually more responsive than their own app.

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How did you make the esp32 with Bluetooth proxy talk with home assistant? I have the esphome integration setup and everything, the lock and thee esp32 are in 4-5 feets but nothing


I recently bought a level connect and have been trying to reverse engineer it to create an integration. I have captured the requests and can replay my login, then trigger locks and unlocks via curl. The problem I am facing relates to the actual authentication flow and client side encryption which is done to the password before it’s sent to the login endpoint. If anyone wants to collab on this I would be very interested. Please reach out and we can connect.

I found that the Level Lock can only be “officially” integrated into to one ecosystem: HASS or HomeKit. Is that something you are attempting to work around?

I don’t own any Apple products. So I wan to integrate via Bluetooth the lock to HA to be able to remote access the lock