Level Lock Integration

Brought the Level Lock https://level.co/ which is perfect for working with my existing door lock and Homekit, but just found that BLE based Homekit devices cannot be integrated into HA.

I would like to request to integrate this nice lock into HA via the HomeKit controller BLE

Also referring to this discussion thread : Level door lock?

Documentation? API?

Checked with Level a number of times but seems they don’t have documentation nor API info.

Level lock works with Homekit using BLE. Is it feasible to create a general integration using this protocol? I was told that homekit controller in HA do not work with BLE devices …

There are many pages on the internet dealing with how to debug/reverse engineer BLE. Go to it.

Anyone get this integrated yet?

@brycew seems like someone did, using a HomeKit hub device and a proxy input:

They now support Nest integration in addition to HomeKit and Alexa.

I can only see RING and Homekit, I can’t see any mention of Alexa or Nest on their website anywhere.
Where did you see Nest?

They do mention Voice Assistant, which is likely Siri given they integrate to Homekit.

The level lock can work with ring. Can you integrate via the Ring integration or the Ring-MQTT integration maybe…?

@davebailey see my last comment reference the Ring integrations/addons. @tsightler has a good one for the Ring alarm panel. It mentions Z-Wave locks. I know Level Lock is not Z-Wave but not sure if it will still integrate. I know for the time being he has stepped away from the Ring-MQTT project.

I do plan to pick back up with ring-mqtt sometime early next year as I have a few fixes I need to get out, although it will likely be with a much reduced support level as I simply don’t have the time these days. However, as I understand it, the integration between Ring and Level is very limited, works with only specific models of the Ring Doorbell Pro, and basically integrates via Amazon Sidewalk. These are completely different APIs from those used for the Z-wave support so it certainly won’t work in it’s current form and I’d say it’s unlikely to work in the near future.

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I’m working on a solution that will get this working…it already works on my setup actually.

My answer to this is a BLE to IP gateway that runs on a Pi. The biggest issue I’m currently having is stability of the BLE connection, but once that’s worked out I’ll put it up on GitHub so others can try it out and contribute as well. I went this route to get around range issues. You can just load this onto a Pi, drop it near your device and Home Assistant picks it up.


Did you ever happen to get this worked out? I am currently using a homepod mini as a and homekit to get this into HA and want to get rid of the homepod.

It sort of works now, but it’s unstable enough I wouldn’t put it out there for mass consumption yet. Unfortunately, things have picked up for a bit so it will probably be awhile before I can revisit. If there’s any C# developers here that are interested in working on it in the meantime I will put it on GitHub and gladly welcome the help.


If I’m not mistaken I believe there’s a way with a Esp32 or a 2866 that you can set up monitor the Bluetooth in such a way that maybe it can act as a hub to control it. I will do some further looking into this and see. My only downside to the contribution is I’m not good with the coding so if there’s a way I will need someone to help with the yama or python coding to make it work.

esp32 has bluetooth, esp8266 does not.

esphome can work right with bluetooth (specifically BLE) devices.

@los93sol and @nickrout
Did anything ever happen with the BLE integration or ESPHome.
Given it is a lock, it would have to be secured so not sure if ESPHome would work with it properly or not.

I was thinking of getting one of these Level Lock’s as there is nothing else around I can see that keeps the original hardware and original key. Given I live in an apartment block, the outside has to keep the original appearance to keep with Owners Corp / Body Corp rules. I’d love to have it integrated into Home Assistant.

I don’t have one. Has anyone tried it with the homekit integration?

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Yes and no, the code I wrote for the Pi to act as a HomeKit gateway to make BLE devices show up as IP does work, but it’s insanely unstable. I started reworking the code a few weeks ago then realized you can’t even get a Pi these days so decided to try sidewalk as a workaround…it’s proving to be even less stable than my own code though. That said…when I get some time I’m going to revive my own code and try going that route again :joy:

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For anyone following, I am in the process of reviving my code in a different format.

Since Pi’s are no longer readily available I opted to try .NET MAUI. This effectively means Pi is no longer a target at all, however, it potentially brings support for Android, iOS, Tizen, and Windows devices. In my case, I have a LOT of Fire devices already so I won’t have to deploy any new devices going this route since all 4 of my locks are within range on a Fire device.

I have validated that Gen 2 Fire Sticks and Fire Cubes have BLE support and SHOULD work. Having said that, I’m primarily targeting Windows/Android first since I dev on Windows and have Fire devices readily available. From what I know the only thing that will need to be developed further is BLE portions on the other platforms, the rest should be identical code.

Hopefully it’s actually stable enough to put it out in the wild after this rewrite!

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